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Marco Island, Florida
Our goal is to exceed your expectations, whether you are shopping in our store or online. Read our Freshness Guarantee.
Environmentally Responsible We support sustainable fishing practices and sell only seafood from reputable and responsible fishing sources, in order to provide our customers with the safest, highest quality seafood available.
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At Paradise Seafood our customers can expect nothing less than outstanding quality and complete freshness. All of our seafood offerings are hand-selected and each order is inspected through our Quality Assurance process to ensure standards are consistently met.

Paradise Seafood always purchases directly from reliable local fisherman and first-rate specialty purveyors throughout the country in order to offer our customers only the best quality and freshest seafood available.

Choose from our extensive fresh seafood selection. Of course, our seafood menu changes daily, depending upon the season and availability of certain fish. Please feel free to stop in, email, or call us to inquire about the availability of specific selections.

Seafood Name Description Info
Artic Char A salmon trout with a fine flake, pink color and a high fat content. If you like salmon, you'll love char.  
Barramundi Native to Australia. Sweet and Buttery. Reminiscent of snook, a local gamefish.  
Black Sea Bass Small fillet from the Mid-Atlantic states that resembles grouper. Mild, delicate, sweet flavor. Cooks up snow white.  
Chilean Sea Bass Also known as Patagonian Toothfish. Rich melt-in-your-mouth flavor. A true delicacy.  
Corvina Great for ceviche! Moderately fatty, mild, and a large flake. We call it South American Grouper.  
Striped Bass Seasonal. A delicate slightly sweet, moist fish. The farm raised version is a hybrid with the freshwater white bass, not even close to the wilds attributes.  
Clams We have the Middleneck size always available. Of course we can get for you all the sizes of the Hardshell Clams and the Softshelled Steamer Clams.
Dry pack Sea Scallops We bring in the best from New England. Dry pack means that they're pure scallop. No chemicals or water added. Sweet and succulent.  
Oysters We have access to species from the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Northwest, and New England. Just let us know what your favorites are and we'll take care of your needs.  
Cobia Also known as Ling. Firm texture. Manly people think its among the very best, especially in Florida.
Cod Scrod is small cod. Mild, clean flavor with large flakes. A staple for many civilizations for a millennium.  
Black Cod Also known as sablefish. Its not in the cod family. It is a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth fish. The closest substitute to Chilean Sea Bass.  
Blue Crabs Fresh local live, steamed, Jumbo Lump fresh picked are available upon short notice. We also have pasteurized 1 pound cans of all types available.
King Crabs From Alaska. We buy the largest available. Fully cooked they average about 1 pound per leg!  
Stone Crab We buy directly from local boats from Mid-October through Mid-May. This delicacy is best served chilled with our famous Mustard Sauce. We crack them for you by request as you pick them up.
  • Mediums are 6-8 pieces per pound.
  • Larges will give you 4-5 pieces.
  • Jumbos and Colossal Category yield 1-3 claws per pound.
Flounder A delicate fillet that is slender, lean, flaky and mild. Its easy to overcook, use moisture such as wine or sauces to enjoy.  
Black Grouper Our #1 Selling Fish. A mild, firm, heavily flaked fish that remains moist after cooking. Once a staple, the demand versus supply has made this tradition a delicacy.
Scamp Grouper When available, this fishermans fish is the Lamborghini of the grouper family. It's sweet-shellfish flavor has our customers demanding we give them a ring upon receiving!
Haddock Member of the cod family. Sold skin on for identification from cod. It is sweeter and has a finer flake than scrod cod.  
Kona Kampachi A trade name from a fish species who produces the yellowtail jack from pristine off shore waters of Hawaii. Its rich, smooth, and is enjoyable raw or cooked. One of Chef Scotts favorites.  
Florida Lobster Also known as green, bugs, warm water, spiny, etc. Many, many names for the same creature. Fresh whole Florida Lobsters are available from August through March. We also carry frozen tails from 6 oz. each up to 2 pounds each!
Maine Lobster From the icy cold waters of the North Atlantic. We fly in live whole lobsters with a day's notice. We also have the frozen tails available at any time.  
Tristan Lobster Tails From the most remote inhabited group of islands off of Africa comes the worlds finest lobster. They have delicate but firm texture and a natural buttery taste. You have to try them at least once in your lifetime.  
Mahi-Mahi In Florida, we call it Dolphin Fish, because they are often found swimming alongside Flipper. It is sweet, mild to medium flavored, with a large, moist flake.
Mussels Live blue mussels from Prince Edward Island. We thoroughly check each mussel to insure your easy cooking and enjoyment.  
Pompano Our local catch is considered by fish eaters to be the worlds most edible fish. Its firm, flaked, sweet, and distinct. Great cooked whole.
Atlantic Salmon A modern staple food. The best variety is the organically farmed Scottish or Irish.  
Wild Salmon Out of the 5 Salmons we generally carry the Chinook (King) that is buttery and fatty and the Sockeye (Red) which is high in Omega 3s with a rich flavor.  
Giant Tiger Shrimp More lobster than shrimp. 4-6 pieces per pound. Now thats a shrimp!  
Gulf Pink Shrimp One of the worlds best eating shrimp hands down. We purchase chemical free wild local shrimp direct from the fleet. Available Tail-on Only Sizes Are:
Medium:   31-35 pieces per pound
Large:       21-25 pieces per pound
Jumbo:     13-15 pieces per pound
Hog Snapper Actually, not a snapper at all. This reef fish is harvested by spearfishing and has a mild, sweet flavor with a delicate but dense texture. A favorite locally and at high end restaurants in the Florida Keys.
Snapper Yellowtail, Mangrove, Red, Lane, etc. they are all great! Its all about the freshness. Lean and moist. Mild and sweet.
Grey Sole North Americas closest flatfish to the famous Dover Sole. Although not a true sole but a flouder, its mild, delicate fillet is oustanding. We also carry Lemon Sole.  
Swordfish A+ is the highest quality rating and or course we purchase the best. A moderate flavored steaky fish.  
Tilapia World wide popularity. We buy the clean tasting rainforest brand from the moving streams in Costa Rica. Mild flavored.  
Golden Tile Fish Deep water Florida fish with a firm texture and a mild sweet flavor. Extra lean. You can compare it to Grouper, Snapper and Triple Tail.
Triple Tail A local fish that has the best qualities from the grouper and snapper families. The fish is so unique that the marine scientists place it in its own family! Another favorite of our customers.
Tuna, Big Eye or Yellow Fin #1 Quality. Many Fishmongers will state that their tuna is sushi quality. We find and purchase the best!  
Wahoo Known as Ono in Hawaii. Its lean and delicate but yet steaky. Its the fastest fish in the sea.  

Alligator, Basa and Tra, Chopped Clams, Clams, Ground Conch, Conch Steaks, Softshell Crabs, Frog Legs, Lobster Meat, Blue Shell Mussels, Green Shell Mussels, Octopus, Cleaned Squid Tubes, Squid Steaks, Saku Tuna Blocks, and More.

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