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  • Do we ship our Seafood & Meat products?
    Yes, we ship anywhere in the continental U.S. For fresh products, we use FedEx priority overnight shipping. Shipping costs vary call for quotes & more information.
  • Do we ship our Dry Goods?
    We also ship dry goods through U.S. Postal Service any were in U.S. and Canada.
  • Do we deliver?
    No, we do not deliver.
  • Do you offer Curbside Pickup?
    We do offer Curbside Pickup. Give us a call @ (239) 394-3686
  • Do we have meals to go or hot meals?
    No, we do not have fully prepared meals, but we can cook hot & ready lobsters, hot shrimp cooked to order, steamed & cut king crab legs & many other items that can be steamed fresh with enough time in advance. Call to place an order. (239) 394-3686 We do offer a product that is a complete meal in a parchment bag. You choose your seafood and we top it with veggies & cheese. You simply heat & serve a gourmet meal.
  • How do I cook the Paradise Papillote (Parchment Bag)?
    Heat your oven to 450*F. Remove the parchment from the clear plastic bag & cardboard container. Place the parchment bag onto a baking sheet. Keep the parchment bag closed for cooking to allow the seafood to steam in the bag. Check the internal temp of the seafood after 17 – 20 minutes. The internal temp. should be at 165*F. There will be brief cooking instructions on a sticker on the plastic bag of the product as well.
  • What is fresh today?
    We receive two to three shipments of seafood & meats daily. Over 90% of our seafood has never been frozen. We have many local, domestic & imported options.
  • Are live lobsters available?
    Yes, but we do not have tanks in-house. We need only one day in advance & can get nearly any size lobster that you need.
  • Do we need to place an order for certain items?
    It is best to place orders for larger quantities (3 pounds or more) & for specialty or seasonal items. Always feel free to contact us with questions about product availability. (239) 394-3686
  • How do I place an order?
    The best way to place an order is to call our number (239) 394-3686. Online ordering is not available & email orders are sometimes not seen in time.
  • Do you offer girt cards?
    We do offer gift cards at any dollar amount. We can mail gift cards or recipients can pick them up from our store. (239) 394-3686
  • Why do fish fillets cost more than the entire fish?
    Fish fillets cost more than the whole fish because most fish yield about 30% - 50% of edible meat from the whole fish. For example, a two-pound snapper will typically yield about one pound of fillets.
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